Northview's Timeline




Matthew 28:19-20 reads: Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.


Jesus did not leave his followers behind without any marching orders, wondering what they were supposed to accomplish until he returned. Rather, the final verses of Matthew clearly show that the mission of the church, Northview included, is to make disciples.


The question is, then, in what context should this disciple-making happen? Throughout the New Testament, the answer is the local church. The Apostle Paul’s ministry was focused on planting and encouraging the growth of churches throughout the Mediterranean world as a means to seeing healthy disciples made everywhere. Likewise, we believe that the best (and necessary) place where people are discipled is in healthy local churches. Our goal is to ensure that Northview is one of those healthy churches, reaching out to our community to proclaim the Gospel and adorn it with good works, while also planting and renewing other churches which will proclaim the Gospel and adorn it with good works. And on and on it goes into other parts of the Fraser Valley, throughout BC, Canada, and to the ends of the earth.

  • The congregation held its first service September, 1980 in the Mennonite Educational Institute chapel. The search for a pastor also began at this time. Merv (Carol) Boschman, of Fresno, California, began their ministry September, 1981. March, 1982, the congregation purchased 10 acres of land for a permanent facility.

  • The new church building was opened in 1988 with a seating capacity of 500. The facility also included classroom space for Christian education and offices for staff. It was also during this time (1988) that Vern (Carol) Heidebrecht began as Lead Pastor.

  • In 1992 Northview Community Church expanded the worship center from 500 seats to its current 1100 seat capacity. Additional classroom space was also added.

  • Following two years of transitional leadership under Justin Rees, Jeff Bucknam (Jeannie) was discerned to be the Lead Pastor and started in that role in September, 2008. As Northview continued to grow, the decision was made to open additional venues onsite. Center Court opened September, 2010 with seating capacity for 350. September, 2015 West Court was added with a further 200 seats. Currently with 4 service times and three venues, total weekend attendance at Downes Road regularly exceeds 4,000 people.

  • February, 2013 the new Ministry Center was opened. The facility houses preschool ministry, staff offices, and MB Mission (now including C2C) on the top floor.

  • February 2015 marked the replant of a church in Mission that has now become our Mission Campus. Currently over 400 people gather there weekly with Ezra Okoti serving as the Campus Pastor. While the initial replant included people from Northview and the former Northside Church, we have also seen people join who are new to Mission and new to Christianity.

  • September 2017, in partnership with Westside Church and Crossridge Church, we replanted TriCity church in Port Coquitlam. Matt Glezos serves as the Campus Pastor and we have seen the church quickly grow to over 300 people regularly attending on Sunday mornings.

  • Our newest campus is East Abbotsford. While East Abbotsford will presumably draw people from Downes Road, we also expect to be able to reach out into a growing area of our city. East Abbotsford represents our first foray into church planting in a shared facility. East Abbotsford meets at Abbotsford Christian School (Middle and High School Campus). Greg Harris is the Campus Pastor and the initial launch team is approximately 400 people.

We also continue to look for other opportunities. Replanting is our preferred method as it typically involves an existing property zoned for a church thus making ministry a bit easier to do. These sites will likely start out as campuses of Northview, but we are open to releasing those congregations to be their own bodies if that is what is best for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom in that particular area. Regardless of whether the campus remains a campus of Northview for the long term or if it becomes a stand-alone church, we will focus on training and equipping leaders of those local bodies so that they are capable of engaging the communities in which they are planted.


We also intend to keep working with our network partners (C2C, Westside Church, Crossridge Church) and add to these partnerships to enhance our efforts. Currently we are being asked to consider possibilities in Maple Ridge, Langley, Chilliwack, and the Okanagan. In each area we are having discussions with existing churches who are encouraging us to seek ways to plant in these communities. We are learning quickly that Jesus was onto something when he said, “The harvest is ripe, but the workers are few.”