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Biblical Stewardship

More than merely money or projects, our multiplication vision is fundamentally about discipleship — making disciples both far and near. And the near includes us.
How does following Jesus help us wisely use the stuff that Jesus provides? Join us for this series of podcasts as we discuss a biblical theology of stewardship.


Message from September 8/9 ~ 2018

Five Characteristics Of Godly Giving

You do know that whenever we talk in church about money, this is essentially what happens. I frequently see people nod, “Yeah that’s true, look it’s in the Bible – we read it. Mmm that’s true.”

And then often we don’t do anything about it. It’s just a mental agreement. It’s more than just a good idea. One of the great temptations as we sit there and fold our arms and say “Yes, that’s absolutely true um for that guy over there, have you seen the size of his house?” This isn’t about him and his house, it’s about you, it’s about me! It’s more than just a good idea.